Meet the new Green Impact Frontrunner

My name is Joseph Ogunremi, I’m in my third year at De Montfort University Studying Accounting and Finance.
I first heard about the green impact project during my second year when the former Frontrunner came and spoke about it in my lecture. I was initially drawn towards the auditing part of the project because auditing is an important part of being an accountant, but after going to my first green impact meeting I learnt more about the project which urged me on to sign on and become a project assistant.

Green impact to me is essentially taking simple alternative actions in day to day activities with the help of the online workbook; it was an opportunity to assist departmental teams around the University that have volunteered to taking part in the project, implementing the behavioural changes required in the online workbook was very simple and straight forward

It was also a chance for me to gain some sort of experience of what it’s like to work in a professional environment. Through this work experience, I have developed certain employability skills such as team working, and also my written communication skills as I constantly had to exchange emails with the team I worked with, to arrange meetings, and to share ideas on how the workbook can be implemented. Subsequently, I also had to feedback to the project coordinator/manager on my teams’ progress.
As well as the main project I was also involved with other environmental projects like the student switch off, an energy saving competition between halls of residence, and green futures, a planting project using recycled materials such as wellington boots and Henry Hoovers.

I am currently the new Green Impact Frontrunner and my roles is to co-ordinate and manage the project. Project management doesn’t necessarily have much to do with accounting but the Frontrunner position offers a lot of training that are practical and beneficial to have in a professional environment(examples of training; presentation skills, project management, time management etc.).

During this placement, I will have the chance to meeting with people in high positions in the university, this is an opportunity for me to network and meet people that could provide me with a reference and potentially help me in my career journey.
Parts of my duties is to motivate and coordinate teams of staff volunteers to drive forward the Green Impact project through their involvement as departmental teams likewise, to plan and co-ordinate a series of environmental workshops to support Green Impact teams in completing the online workbook and other environmental projects that may be conducted this year.

I am looking forward to getting the program up and running and hopefully improve on where it was last year.