My day as environmental auditor at Leicestershire Council

As part of employability week and the GreenImpact program students from DMU took part in some environmental auditing at Leicestershire County Council. Here are the thoughts of one of our student volunteers Fedora Agosti.

“I am Fedora, an international student at DMU. On Monday 3rd November 2014, I took part in Environmental Auditing at Leicestershire County Council, which is part of the Green Impact project. We received training on the Green Impact project from a member of the National Union of Students (NUS) and by Environmental Officers of the County Council.
They explained to us how the project works and how the students are involved during the audit’s stage, one of the final steps to get a reward for environmentally friendly behaviour in and around the office. Our task was to check the evidence provided by the different teams and speak with them about the project. After checking the teams’ workbooks, we completed the audit reports and submitted them. Following the project gives the possibility to avoid wasting resources, energy and time in offices. The workers at the County Council talked to us and treated us in a professional way. The areas of sustainability in the offices are split into four categories: communication, waste & recycling, travel to work and energy. The workers begun thinking more cleverly in the way they approach the office life. For example they only print if necessary, they benefit from the car-sharing service and they learn how to recycle waste. It was an enjoyable experience, especially as it was the first time I had done this. The project is simply structured and easy to follow and to understand. Also it was a formative experience, because we had a big responsibility task”.


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