Environmental Audit at the Leicestershire County Council

A group of De Montfort University students, volunteered to go with the green impact team to audit the Leicestershire County Council’s Environmental performance in correlation to the Green Impact Project. As one of the auditors I thought the whole experience was great fun and an excellent learning experience. The day of the audit happened to be within employability week at the university, students were encouraged to participate in things that could increase their experience and employability prospects and the audit for me was a great opportunity to do that. The audit training provided is accredited to the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA), is a great addition to my CV. The actual audit itself helped me develop other employability skill for example; Team working – worked in a group with some of the other volunteers, going through the workbook and the department we were auditing’s progress, discussed and planned how we would approach the audit. Communication – it’s one thing to be able to communicate to people, but to communicate on a professional level is very different. Was interacting with staff in a professional environment throughout the day and learnt that I communicate not only verbally but also through body language. The Staff at the Council where very pleasant and hospitable which made the day more relaxed as a lot of the volunteers where nervous.

Joseph Ogunremi – Green Impact Frontrunner


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