Meet the new Green Behaviour Change Frontrunner


Waste not the smallest thing created, for grains of sand make mountains, and atomies infinity. (E. Knight)

I am Fedora, the new Green Behaviour Change Frontrunner. Here at DMU I am an international law Student. At the same time, I am an Erasmus student, the European exchange program between Universities of different countries. I come from Italy, my home city is in the North and it is called Bergamo.

For me, the opportunity to become a Frontrunner is very special, because now I have the chance to face the world of employment and not only the academic environment. I will contribute to develop environmental awareness sustainability events and activities by using Social Networks. I believe a change towards a more sustainable approach to the environment is possible, by starting from the behaviour of the single individual. Therefore it is essential for public institutions, such as DMU University, to encourage people to be more careful about their ecological footprint.

During the employability week on November 2014, I did a volunteering activity with the sustainability team. With some other students, we went to the Leicestershire County Council for an Environmental Audit. The experience was such interesting that I was also involved in the DMU Student Switch Off as ambassador and I became a GIPA (Green Impact Project Assistant).

My commitment to environmental issues is reflected also in what I am studying here at DMU, where I am focusing on environmental law projects. The attention of sustainability and environment protection and awareness is a priority in my life since I was a Scout for over seven years, till now that I would like to specialize in environmental Law and Policy, as part of my University career.

Working as a member of the sustainability team will involve me to cooperate with my colleagues by keeping you update about the amazing activities of the office among DMU and I will also work with Joseph, the Green Impact Front runner to make our University even greener!

As a Frontrunner, I will post regularly on this blog and you are welcome if you want to contribute with your point of view about a sustainable or environmental issue you care about, please do not hesitate to contact me!




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