‘Walk the Wall’ Challange


One month ago we started the ‘Walk the Wall’ challenge, whereby DMU staff were invited to count the steps they took every day for one month and the challenge consisted in together walking the length of the Great Wall in China.

The project was a success in term of participation, over 160 members of staff signed up and tracked their steps for four weeks .To help count the steps we provided them with a customised pedometer with the Green Impact logo to fix at the belt.

The Environmental & Sustainability Officer Karl collected every week the number of steps taken from people involved in the challenge and the result was that they have collectively walked 5,938 miles which is really good and means they have walked further than the Ming Dynasty section of the Great Wall, which is 5,532 miles long.  That’s a total of 13,652,552 steps as part of the Challenge.

This is a great achievement by everyone taking part!

Walking is an easy and healthy activity, which fits perfectly into our everyday routine. So, just make the first step!

Fedora Agosti (Green Behaviour Change Frontrunner)


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