Sustainability talks with candidates for DSU President

This Thursday the ongoing Student Union elections at De Montfort University will close. Meanwhile I contacted the candidates for the position of President to ask them their opinions about the commitment to sustainability of the Student Union and a possible greener future of it. I received many feedbacks from the candidates and I want to share these with you.

Amir Mahmood thinks DMU policy with sustainability is excellent, for example the fact that throughout campus there are separate bins for different types of waste. However, he made the point that the current generation has slowly forgotten the importance of recycling and being eco friendly. He would definitely like to see a positive response by the SU and something he would like to see addressed. “We can mirror this policy throughout the SU building and do further events and dedicated days to raise awareness of being an Eco friendly building”.

Samuel Richmond thinks that a lot of these issues can be tackled by ensuring the student halls and student letting agencies provide recycling capabilities on location. “A big part of the green agenda should be cutting down wasted material”. Indeed part of his manifesto is the integration of technology within the university system, that will involve for example pushing recorded lectures negating the need for printing out notes and also handing in course work solely online and not the hard copy.

Tanycia Gayle, the only female candidate for the position of President of the Student Union, believes herself to be a quite green person and she thinks the University and the SU should be as well. She is showed very keen and open to the possibility to work together about these issues.

Adil Waraich, thinks that Student Union could definitely be greener, mostly by doing the little things like recycling paper, turning of lights when the office is shut, on the account of when it comes to being green, the best approach is to do small and consistent acts. “I do believe sustainability and looking after our planet is very important. Sourcing from any companies that act unethically should be avoided”.

I would like to say thank you to the candidates for sharing their thoughts with us and I wish them good luck.
Fedora Agosti (Green Behaviour Change Frontrunner)


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