‘Red Carpet Green Dress’ Oscar Contest

Today’s post is about Fashion. You may not know that there is a relationship between fashion and sustainability. Last Sunday in Los Angeles was the Oscar Award Ceremony celebration with its popular red carpet. The fashion system is getting more and more conscious of being a greener business and one example is the Red Carpet Green Dress of Suzy Amis Cameron.

Suzy Amis Cameron is the wife of James Cameron, the director of blockbusters, such as Titanic and Avatar. Furthermore she is involved in environmental causes, like protecting the planet by rethinking the world of fashion in a more sustainable way.

Inspired by the global red carpet opportunity presented in 2009, when her Husband’s movie Avatar ran for the Best Motion Picture of the Year Oscar Award, she founded an innovative dress design contest called, with a colourful wordplay, Red Carpet Green Dress. The positive fashion campaign sets the challenge for creative designers worldwide to create a red carpet worthy dress, that must fulfil the ‘Green Dress’ criteria, stated in the contest.

Red Carpet Green Dress seeks to reduce textile waste, pollution, water and energy consumption in a fully traceable and socially responsible supply chain. There are many factors, such as the renewability and source of a fibre, the process of how a raw fibre is turned into a textile, the working conditions of the people producing the materials, and the material’s total carbon footprint. For the Red Carpet Green Dress contest the winning design must be made from materials which are both environmentally and socially responsible”, said the founder.

The designers submitted their proposal and then the creative designers with the most sustainable dress proposal is the winner. A winner is chosen for a woman’s dress and another, recently introduced, for a men’s tuxedo.

The winners of the sixth annual Red Carpet Green Dress in 2015 competition were announced at the beginning of the month and they came along with the names of the Hollywood actors set to wear the eco-conscious clothing during the Academy Awards night.

The winning dress design was submitted by Manon Gabard, a fashion student, who is specialized in New Couture in Paris and another student, Tingting Chen, whose focus is menswear, submitted the winning smoking design. Both of the winning designers were mentored along the way by Jeff Garner a fashion designer known for working with plant dyes. Gabard’s gown was worn during the Oscars red carpet by Gina Rodriguez and Chen’s tuxedo was worn by Jake McDorman.

For any other information, view the website: http://redcarpetgreendress.com/home/


dress       tuxedo

Jake McDorman & Gina Rodriquez at the 2015 Oscar Red Carpet with their green outfits!

Fedora Agosti (Green Behaviour Change Frontrunner)


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