How do you go to DMU?

Last week our Transport Coordinator, Ian Murdey, launched the Student Travel Survey. It is a very straightforward survey: it is online and it takes few minutes to be completed. Well, I have already done it, but I am still curious about its importance. So, I simply asked Ian if it is necessary that students take it.

He replied that the Travel Survey serves a number of useful purposes. First of all, it forms a part of the Travel Plan monitoring, which is a mandatory requirement for receiving planning permission from the City Council for Campus developments. Also the results are used to help with the calculations of our Scope 3 emissions (see the previous post!). Moreover, it’s a good way of getting an idea of which initiatives are getting used and which aren’t to improve his work for students and staff. Finally, it helps promoting some of the schemes to people who otherwise would not hear about them.

To help you discovered more about the different ways to reach DMU, I have made a little research indeed in our office. I have asked everyone in the sustainability office how they come to work and what do they do to make the journey the most enjoyable.

Ian, the Transport Coordinator, usually rides his bike to reach the DMU. He listens to music and he gets changed in work clothes as soon as he gets in the office. Cycling could be a very enjoyable way of transport. The cost is limited to the bike maintenance and it gives the opportunity to practice sport without any special commitment.

Karl, the Environmental & Sustainability Officer, said that he cycles from his house to the train station at Loughborough, here he catches the train to Leicester and then he walks from the train station to DMU. During his journey he reads the newspaper on the train and then he listens to music on the walk to the office. Travelling for Karl involves three different ways of transport, but in terms of cost and carbon emission driving could be more expensive and polluting and also it takes all of your attention on the way from and back home.

Paul, the Energy Manager, walks to the office every day. He keeps it simple, he doesn’t waste energy! He added that if he was travelling by train, as he used to, he would read, listen to music and watch the world out of the window.

Carl, who works with Paul, travels to work via train and then he walks to the office, while he is in the train he usually reads books and chats to the people that he has met who are doing the same journey. Between the lines, Carle highlights a truly important point about journey in train, that it is still possible to socialize with other commuters and maybe share the experience of own working day.

Joseph, the Green Impact Frontrunner, lives near the Campus so he walks from his house which is like five minutes away from work. He enjoys listening to music on my way in the morning and sometimes he walk with a friend that he thinks is fun as well.

Last one, there is me. I live in New Warf Hall, so I simply walk to DMU Campus for less than five minutes and I arrive at Hugh Aston Building, where the most of my classes are. Generally, I listen to music while I walk, but sometimes I like enjoying what surrounds me, like passing the bridge over the Soar or observing other people walking. Sometimes I run to the Campus, but just when I am really late!

Now that you are aware, please take the survey on the following link!



Ian with his bike


Useful Website:





Car sharing:


For other detailed information about DMU Transport:


(Fedora Agosti, Green Behaviour Change Frontrunner)





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