A Greener Easter

It is the beginning of April. The sun shines, it is windy and sometimes it rains.

The DMU Campus is quiet, because next weekend is Easter!

Easter is a colourful celebration and the perfect occasion to spend your time with family and friends. It could be also the perfect occasion to make this happy event a sustainable day.

Easter to me means spending that day with my family at my grandparents’ place. They live in a little village in the mountain, in the north of Italy. The house is big and so it is the vegetable garden. Having a sustainable Easter day is easy. In the kitchen there is the wood stove, where my grandmother cooks delicious meals with vegetables from their own garden and where she baked homemade bread and flatbread. The free-ranged eggs come from their henhouse. The pure water comes from the top of the mountain without plastic bottles. If the weather is nice, we usually spend Easter morning planting flowers and playing with kittens.

Nevertheless, being sustainable is not just an idyllic relationship with nature. In that little village there is a recycling scheme and my grandparents have always made the compost.

Also, to make the most from your sustainable Easter, you can follow some simple examples for a greener day:

For your Easter Meal, buy local food. You could even plan a visit at a local Farm with children or friends!

Decorate your eggs at home with homemade ingredients, such as fruit or spices. There is no need for artificial colours.

Buy Fairtrade or Palm Oil free Chocolate Eggs for kids and adults too. Just look for the Fairtrade logo at your local supermarket or shop. You won’t believe how many brands have Fairtrade chocolate eggs and bars!

Use the Easter Meal’s leftovers for next days’ lunch or dinner. For example, there are a lot of recipes for boiled eggs.


photo 1

My grandparents’ vegetables garden in Italy

Enjoy the break and Happy Easter!
Fedora Agosti (Green Behaviour Change Frontrunner)



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