Be the next Green Frontrunner!

Applications for De Montfort University Frontrunner Internships are open! So for the Green Impact Frontrunner and the Green behaviour Change Frontrunner! If you are a DMU student and you are interested in green issues, the sustainability team is looking for two new interns. You will have the chance to discover a new way to live the University, while experiencing a real job! Being a Frontrunner means the opportunity to have a real paid work for a reasonable amount of hours per week, which won’t interfere with your studies. Also you will be able to experience the process behind getting a job, such as the application and the interview process, with the support and the advices of the Frontrunner team. Furthermore, after getting the job, you will practise your skills beyond your degree and gain experience for the future. Especially applying for either the Green Impact or the Green Behaviour Change Frontrunner will mainly enhance your communication, organisation and project management skills. You will also have the opportunity to meet a lot of members of the staff and new students involved in the activities promoted by the team. As the current Frontrunner, I strongly advice to take a look and apply! You can apply for them from until Thursday 30th April 2015 and the Internships will commence on October 2015. Brief descriptions and titles of Frontrunner opportunities with the Environment & Sustainability Office are listed on MyGateway . Once you’ve logged in, just select ‘Frontrunner Internship ‘ under the type of work menu. To apply, please use this link to register and access our online application system|: The contact for these positions is Karl Letten (Environmental & Sustainability Officer) You can also email| if you have any queries about the scheme. Good Luck everyone!


Pic: Karl (Environment & Sustainability Officer), Joseph (Green Impact Frontrunner) and Fedora (Green Behaviour Change Frontrunner).   Fedora Agosti (Green Behaviour Change Frontrunner)


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