London by bike

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During the Easter break, I spent some time in London, as I usually do during vacation since I lived in Leicester. On Easter Monday, a friend and I decided to take a ride across the city. My friend was equipped with a professional Bianchi bicycle, while I hired a bicycle at the bike sharing station. Yes indeed,there is an efficient bike sharing service in London .

So, we were in the west side of London. High Street Kensington was our staring line. From here we cycled along Kensington Road, then we entered into Hyde Park cycling besides the Serpentine route till Hyde Park Corner. The Park was full of people enjoying the sunshine and there were a lot of bikes.


At this point, we went down Constitutional Hill, passing by Buckingham Palace, then down The Mall until the end of the longest side of St. James Park. Here we took a big curve on the right and after ten minutes of riding we arrived at the Big Ben. From Bridge Street, the long route along the river Thames had started. We kept cycling and from the street we were able to see the London Eye. We passed then by the Victoria and Embankment Gardens and by the Somerset House.


Last part of the journey was about to begin, after leaving the Millennium Bridge on our right, we took the direction toward 20 Fenchurch Street. We finally stop here for a visit and a brunch at the Sky Garden, which is situated at the 37th floor of the 20 Fenchurch Street Building, known also as the Walkie Talkie for its shape.


The Sky Garden is an area full of plants and flowers, where you can enjoy the view of London from a very high point surrounded by green.

Riding from west to east London was an effort for me out of training, but it was worth because the weather was unusual nice and the streets were not busy, due to the absence of cars and commuters.

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Fedora Agosti (Green Behaviour Change Frontrunner)


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