“Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”


Last week, as my lectures finished, I went to Italy for a couple of days. While I was home, it took place the start of the Expo Milano 2015, which theme is “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”.

Expo Milano 2015 is the Universal Exhibition that Milan, Italy, will host from May 1 to October 31, 2015. Over this six-month period, Milan will become a global showcase where more than 140 participating countries will show the best of their technology that offers a concrete answer to a vital need: being able to guarantee healthy, safe and sufficient food for everyone, while respecting the Planet and its equilibrium. What a challenging theme!

It will be a platform for exchanging ideas and sharing solutions on the theme of food, stimulating each country’s creativity and promoting innovation for a sustainable future. Expo 2015 will give everyone the opportunity to discover and taste the world’s best dishes and gastronomic traditions of each of the exhibitor countries.


The explicit commitment undertaken by Expo Milano 2015 has been to produce a great event, focusing on respect for the environment, local communities and where they live. So, sustainability is a central pillar of this commitment, a universal value that permeates all aspects of the Expo: a projection into a sustainable future for the planet and society as a whole. In particular, the environmental commitment of Expo 2015 takes form in the implementation of criteria of sustainability applied to all aspects and the entire lifecycle of the event, in order to prevent, mitigate or compensate any possible negative impact on the environment or on local communities.

In line with its theme: “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”, as well as its adherence to sustainability and the circular economy, Expo Milano 2015 is implementing a waste management strategy that prioritizes all environmental and financial considerations that help minimizing the use of resources and production of waste to be sent to land-fill, while maximizing re-use, re-cycling, and re-purposing

The recycling system used on the Expo Milano 2015 site is the same as that currently operating in the city of Milan. This system is slightly different from the UK one, indeed there are five different recycling categories, which are: paper and cardboard: glass; plastic and metal packaging; organic (food scraps, compostable and biodegradable glasses, dishes, and cutlery) and unsorted waste. The objective is that 70 percent of all refuse generated on the site is recycled, through the agency of the appropriate consortia and composting centers.












Obviously, the United Kingdom was part of Expo 2015. The UK Pavilion at Milan Expo 2015 is inspired by the journey of the honey bee and highlights the vital role of pollination in the global food chain. It is a metaphor for how the UK is a hive of innovation and creativity helping to feed the planet. The UK Pavilion will take you on an immersive journey through a British orchard and wildflower meadow, before entering a 14 metre high hive. A series of landscapes tells the story of how Britain contributes world leading solutions to some of today’s greatest challenges.

1430730679142 UK-pavilion-expo-milan-2015-wolfgang-buttress-designboom-06

Let’s take a virtual trip to it! http://www.ukpavilion2015.com/


General Info:





Fedora Agosti (Green Behaviour Change Frontrunner)



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