Volunteering becomes fashionable


During last weeks, I volunteered in the Green Impact Excellence, a planting project to spread biodiversity through the DMU Campus. The project consisted in different sessions, from designing the plaques for the planters to the actual planting activities. So, I had the opportunity to meet students from other faculties, such as architecture, finance and accounting, fashion design and so on. Among others, I met Denise, a Chinese fashion student in her 2nd year at De Montfort University. A ‘Fashion Show’ is held for the final projects of fashion design students, which involves a catwalk with the garments designed by the student. Denise asked me to take part in the show by wearing her clothes for the catwalk.

That day we met at the Heritage House and she helped preparing me for the event. The fashion laboratory was full of people, students and tutors. The catwalk was essential and the audience was, fortunately, not so big. Eventually, I did a catwalk with the clothes of a Denise’s friend holding a flower. Green touch for a glamorous event!

Taking part in volunteering activities with the sustainability team gave me the possibility to create new connection with students with a different background.

Furthermore, the sustainability issue is becoming bigger also in the fashion field. Actually some fashion company are trying to become more ethical and sustainable.

Fedora Agosti (Green Behaviour Change Frontrunner)






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