My bike and I

Exams period is about to end and it is time for some students to go back to their home.

This means a lot of things, such as saying goodbye to all the people you have met during last months, your flatmates, your accommodation, the library and for someone is a real goodbye to Leicester, because if you are a third year student or an international student, then you won’t be back at DMU next September.

One day I saw a post on Facebook where my friend Lise was selling her beloved bike to someone who will be in Leicester next year. I know that for her that bike was extremely important, so I asked to write how much it actually was.

So, I am happy to share her feeling in this short tale.

My bike and I.

This story begins when I arrived in a city far too big for me. Everything was different from where I grew up. I was not afraid, but I needed to take my time to adapt to this new environment. I was curious to discover the city centre, to know each quarter and to visit the countryside surrounding it. But every good adventure is fulfilled with good a companion. And I knew what it would have been. So I looked for it on Gumtree and when I saw its pictures I knew right at the moment that it was the one that I needed. Its shape, its colours… we were made to ride together. When it arrived at home at the end of a sunny day I rode it until the sun went down. And that is how I tamed the city and its surroundings. I went up and down, further, faster with my trustful machine. Rain, wind or even snow, nothing could stop us. By day or night. We were free. Free from the traffic, my legs were the only carburant it needed. As quiet as a mouse, we were flying along the canal. But every story has an end and ours takes place where it began. I’ve just post an ad on internet. This is farewell time and time to find a new owner.

Lise’s inspiring story tells us that is never too late to learn to ride, because your bike will be a perfect buddy for life!


Fedora Agosti (Green Behaviour Change Frontrunner)


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