Basic steps to a sustainable holiday

Last Saturday the academic year officially ended and next Sunday 21st June will be the first day of summer, known as Summer Solstice!

Summer to me means mainly holiday, even if you work or study, there is a special atmosphere and you feel more relaxed, or better, just sleepier.

Despite all, you are likely to go on holiday somewhere this summer, so the question is if there is the possibility to spend a sustainable holiday. Well, actually there are a lot of options, but just highlight some basic points!

First, by choosing not to fly is the easiest step to take. Then, if you love the trip ‘on the road’ style, you can either check the car-sharing websites or choose the train. You now have to consider where to rest and sleep. Camping and hostels without extra benefits and services are a good low carbon choice, while a giant hotel with the snow track in the middle of a desert may be a bad option regarding the energy consumption. Also activities play a major role in assessing the sustainability of your holiday. You can either rent a motorboat or a sailing boat to explore the coast. You can either rent a motorbike or a bike to visit a new city. You can either take a cab or go on foot to get to that restaurant by the sea. You can go hiking and spend a day on the beach without leaving rubbish after yourself. You should apply all the common sense rules about respect, protect and make better the environment you live in or just visit.

Some people prefer the sea, some others the mountains. Someone likes the hills and the countryside. Others love forest, ocean, fiord, moor or lake. But no-one likes them dirty and polluted.

So, the starting point to plan a sustainable holiday is first of all to make all of your holidays sustainable by starting to act respectfully to the environment.

Happy summer 2015!


Fedora Agosti (Green Behaviour Change Frontrunner)


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