My experience as the first Green Behaviour Change Frontrunner

I remember that day. After class I decided to go towards the Campus Centre instead of going back home immediately. There was the sun and it was still warm outside. It was late October. So, I went to the Campus Centre and passing by I noticed a colourful stand. I read ’Green Impact’ and Karl introduced himself as the environmental officer. He started to explain to me what was the project and proposed that I should join them for an environmental auditing the next week. That experience was very interesting and I didn’t think such activities were organised and proposed by a University! Afterward I was even more committed to apply for the position as Green Behaviour Change Frontrunner at their office. When that hope came true, I couldn’t believe it!

Today is my last day in the office and I realize how many things happened since my arrival. There was the auditing at Leicestershire County Council, the training as a Green Impact Project Assistant, visiting the Halls of Residence with Fran and Joseph for Students Switch Off, the Fairtrade Fortnight with lots of activities, the Climate Positive Week with interesting talks and lunches, then the designing and planting activity for one of the Excellence project within Green Impact and eventually the organization of the Green Impact Award Ceremony to celebrate the efforts of everyone!

The placement lasted five months and it was quite a challenge to match work, study, classes and social activities, but it improved my timing and organizational skills.

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to work in an office for the first time and the chance to understand that it was the kind of job I would like to do as part of my future career. Everyone in the office and in the department helped me when I needed support. I think I developed some new important skills thanks to this experience. Indeed, I feel the Frontrunner scheme is a good investment for DMU students and it requests the appropriate commitment and time while studying. Finally, I truly believe that the University can play a key role in teaching more about sustainability and that this knowledge will be embedded by students for the rest of their lives.


Student volunteer Denise and I during the Green Impact Award Ceremony

me and d


Student volunteer Vanessa and I during the team building eco-bingo activity



Joseph and I



Thank you everyone!

Fedora Agosti (Green Behaviour Change 2015)


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