Introduction to the Green Behaviour Change Frontrunner Internship

Hello, I am Rebecca Mason, and will be this year’s Frontrunner for Green Behaviour Change.

I’m currently just about to begin my third year of studying an undergraduate degree in Arts and Festivals Management at De Montfort University.

I began working with organisations and doing small projects which aim to help sustain the environment and economy such as maintaining heathland with Natural England and campaigning with Friends of the Earth from a young age, and thoroughly enjoy getting involved and also getting the message out to others.

Having been interested in environmental issues for so long it’s only right that I continue my studies and career on the subject of sustainability and it’s this passion for positive change that attracted me to the Green Behaviour Change Frontrunner internship. As my plans to write my dissertation will be focused on raising awareness of being sustainable through the use of events I felt this would be a great opportunity to tie in the work I will be carrying out during my time in the job with my research.

Some of my main aims this year are to really engage other students and staff at the university with projects where they can learn ways to reduce their personal carbon footprint as well as pass the message on to others in the process.


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