Underground Cycle Hub at Leicester Train Station

Some thoughts from Neil Brown, Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development (IESD), about the new Cycle Hub at Leicester train station.

I was travelling to London each weekend at the start of the year, which is when I discovered the new cycle parking at Leicester Station.

Neil Brown Cycle Park

“Third week of doing this now and I think it’s one of the coolest things transport wise to come to this city lately. It’s a huge peaceful underground park for bicycles under Leicester Station – pay £10 for life membership upstairs in the ticket office, and you get a separate entrance for bikes at the station down a quiet lane (station street), and you tap a key fob and some electric doors swing open. Lights come on automatically. Bicycle then is safe overnight or for several days. In the corridor outside on the same level there are a couple of machines where you can print tickets. Then you’ve got your own lift to get to the covered bridge across the tracks. This is a spare bridge that’s rarely used. By this time you’re starting to feel as if you’ve got your own railway station. Arrive in Leicester and you get to do the whole thing in reverse, no looking for a bus in the dark or plodding about on foot, hop on bicycle and glide peacefully home.”


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