Climate Marches In Leicester and London for COP21

Over 350 people marched in Leicester alone on Saturday 28th with banners and chants alike to show that they want their voice to be heard at the COP21 conferences in Paris which start today.

Our frontrunners also took to the streets and marched alongside the Green party, Friends of the Earth, Transition and many others green groups, many of whom took their chants, banners and signs to London to join the masses marching for climate change.


At the end of the march, Leicester city labour party leader, Adam Clarke took to the stage to deliver a speech about climate change in Leicester and their hopes to be a 100% Green and sustainable city by 2050 or sooner.

Despite the (not so warm) weather, thousands of people from all around the country turned up to march in London to show that we need to do something to stop global warming and that they say no to fracking and fossil fuels, a large population of which were students.

Many signs dotted about had striking catchphrases such as ‘There is no planet B’; one of the signs being handed out gave individuals the opportunity to explain what you want climate change for (See Below), some even dressed up and danced to marching bands and drums.

Some of the favoured chants amongst those that marched were:

  • No exchanges no refunds, Environmental damage can’t be undone!
  • Leave the Coal in the hole, leave the oil in the soil.

Over the course of the next two weeks, we hope to find out that our voices have been heard, so sit tight, and we hope to keep you updated with good news!

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