Week 2 of the Paris Climate Conferences

We are now into week 2 of the COP 21 conferences in Paris, and things are starting to heat up on the talk for cooling down, follow the link below for more info:


If you didn’t catch our Twitter and Facebook posts in the lead up to the conferences about some of the brilliant research and projects we do here at DMU then you can check out the links below:

1.Smart Spaces: http://smartspaces.dmu.ac.uk/

2. OASYS: http://www.dmu.ac.uk/research/research-faculties-and-institutes/institute-of-energy-and-sustainable-development/research-projects/oasys/index.aspx

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKJS4a0Jbpc

3. WattBox: http://www.dmu.ac.uk/research/research-impact-and-ref2014/impact-and-areas/wattbox/wattbox-the-intelligent-heating-device.aspx

4. Caplin Homes – Solar House: http://www.caplinhomes.co.uk/solar-house-successfully-completed/

5. Energy Modelling: http://www.dmu.ac.uk/research/research-faculties-and-institutes/institute-of-energy-and-sustainable-development/commercial-projects/one-angel-square.aspx

6. Esco Box: http://www.dmu.ac.uk/research/research-faculties-and-institutes/institute-of-energy-and-sustainable-development/research-projects/escobox.aspx

7. SAVES: http://www.studentswitchoff.org/unis/de-montfort-university / http://saves.nus.org.uk/

8. Electric Avenue – http://myelectricavenue.info/

9. GreenView: http://greenview.dmu.ac.uk/


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