Ways to cut down on costs when decorating your home this Christmas

December can be a pricey time of the year with Christmas expenses for food and drink, presents and decorations and with New year’s around the corner with parties and January sales selling the new looks you’ve been itching to try throughout all of last year.

It’s that time again where we all begin to think about putting the decorations up and getting Christmas presents together. Before running to the shops to get brand new baubles, tinsel and trees, perhaps try a few of these before dishing out on decorations.

  • If you buy a live tree, buy small (cheaper) and repot it when you’re done, grow it for next year, or even sell it and make a profit! Sometimes, you can even rent a live tree and give it back in January, look at your local directories or online.
  • Did you pack any stuff away from last Christmas which you could use again?
  • Is anybody giving anything away, friends/ family/ neighbours/ perhaps you could give some things to others.
  • Are there any Christmas items for sale at your local charity, vintage or Fairtrade shops.
  • Use LED lights and save 80-90% of energy than with other lights.

Keep updated for more posts about being sustainable in the Christmas holidays.




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