Sustainable Eating at Christmas – Facts, Figures and Solutions!

Did you know that red meat requires the use of roughly 28 times more land to produce than pork or chicken, 11 times more water and results in five times more climate-warming emissions! Perhaps if you’re used to sitting down to a red meat meal at Christmas, this year might be an opportunity to make a step towards positive change to the world we live in by doing a small bit this Christmas and switching to chicken or even a nut roast.

You can find out here which food is best to cook over Christmas as well as some over tips –

Another way to cut down on carbon emissions and to help grow economies is to use local, organic and sustainably sourced vegetables. You can find more information on what foods to eat throughout the year at: Eat Seasonably ( there’s a reason why we have Brussel’s sprouts at Christmas, and it’s isn’t just because you’re parents want to punish you…

It is estimated that ‘£22bn is spent by UK households at Christmas’ with each household spending between £150 and £835 just on food.

We waste nearly ‘2 million turkeys, 5m Christmas puddings and 74m mince pies, to put it into context, that means we are binning nearly twice as many mince pies as retail giant Marks & Spencer sells every year (40m). (The guardian)

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If you find that you don’t have the cranberry or apple sauce at the back of the cupboard  needed this Christmas to accompany your dinners at the table, you can click here to find some really easy and super tasty recipes to make your own sauces, stuffing’s and much more! By doing this, you’ll not only feel more accomplished by learning a new recipe, but you cut down on packaging and on energy used in factories. Also if you find you have left overs, you can jar it up and save it for next year, faction it into a leftover dish (cranberry sauce brownies?) or even give it to others as a gift?

You could shave £200 off of your bills by cutting down on ‘just in case’ spending by 15% you Here’s a couple of websites for ideas on how to revamp and jazz up last night’s dinner (Tip: this can be used all year round!)

One in five of us admit to buying traditional Christmas food we don’t even like, the study revealed.  

Remember, there are those around the world who cannot afford to splash out at Christmas, and instead will be rearing chickens and goats and growing veg in order to sell on to make money to live; you can help them by following this website and donating one of the choices to those in need.


Other Useful Links

This Calendar shows some really great ways to cut down on spending this year!


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