New Year, New You!

Bratislava_New_Year_FireworksWe’ve successfully made it to 2016!!

What can you do in 2016 to cut down your carbon footprint!

2015 saw a lot of climate action happening, this perhaps was not taken as seriously by our government as we’d like for it to have been, but this doesn’t mean that we as individuals can’t take it upon ourselves to work towards a greener future.

A greener future is in fact within our sights, but not yet within our grasp, however unfortunately, if we don’t start to make changes now we could see dramatic changes to our world as we know it in just…years

So what new can you do!?

Here are a few really easy things that you can do all year round in 2016 to dampen the warming.

  • Try biking, walking or using public transport to get around, or perhaps someone else who has a car and is going the same way can car share with you.
  • Put on extra layers to raise your temperature by three degrees and turn your heating down to save energy and money, and add a layer of foil to the back of your heaters.
  • Become acclimatised to outside, this will make inside seem warmer.
  • Keep healthy we don’t just mean by eating great vegetables, but eating locally and organic grown food, the food in the supermarkets is much more likely to have been grown using harmful pesticides, which can have some seriously harmful effects on your body later on in life.
  • The cattle industry is one most carbon intensive industries, with red meat and pork at the top of the ladder, cut down on your red meat intake, and opt for chicken or even try going veggie or vegan, perhaps just for 2-3 nights a week, this will not only have a huge impact on your carbon footprint but is much healthier.
  • Switch on to switching off. Turn items off when you don’t need them, especially when going to bed, check things like kettles, toasters, cookers and Wi-Fi.
  • Kettles are one of the most energy draining electrical items in your kitchen; use only the amount of water you need in your kettle to cut down on how much energy you use.
  • Wash up sustainably; do you need a full bowl of heated water to wash up with?
  • Put a lid on it! Putting a lid on your pans whilst cooking will save 85% of energy!
  • Drink sensibly, by this we mean sustainably. Wine that is from England or France and is packaged in a carton is the most sustainable way to get merry.
  • Buy foods that are in less packaging. Packaging uses tonnes of water and plastic to produce, try local deli’s and support small businesses.
  • Perhaps you could think a about installing some solar panels, which could cut your energy bills by half!
  • Know your ingredients; a lot of products are made with ingredients that are not only bad for the environment, they are bad for you! If you wouldn’t water your plants with them, it’s probably not a good idea to use them on your hair and skin.
  • Care and repair; give your expensive electrical items the care that you took at the job you worked at to make the money to buy it! Repair it if it’s broken, or give it to someone else to repair or use for parts.
  • Spread the word and try to get others on board with being green.


By getting on board with some or even all of these points you can reduce your carbon footprints, impact others around you and create a much wider positive impact on climate change.

If you want to take a step further, there will usually be local campaigns and groups you can get involved with to help you in your journey to reduce your carbon footprint as well as to get the word out about climate change.

Some great and fun groups are –

The Real Junk Food Project –

Leicester –

Transition –

Friends of the Earth –

Green Peace –



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