How to keep your personal environments eco-friendly in an urban environment.

Many cities (Including Leicester) have vowed to take the sustainable plunge and go 100% renewable by 2050. As a city is built up of thousands-millions of people, this can seem like more of a difficult task, but it’s important to work together and back each other up so that cities can hit this target.

However, in a fast paced built up city, it can be hard to stay eco-friendly whilst everything else bustles around you and busy lifestyles get in the way of what can seem like second thought decisions.

When it comes to being green, we instantly think of recycling or using less packaging in general; however you could be taking things to the next level without noticing a huge change in effort!


If you have garden space, even if it is small you can help it to thrive by choosing to make that space as habitable for birds and insects as possible, this doesn’t even mean doing that much!

Fill up a soil patch in your garden using this guide to see what type of plants you can grow all year round which will help with biodiversity, whilst also helping to boost this biodiversity by putting up small bird baths, bird huts, bird feeders and bug hotels.

Bird House –

Bird Bath –

Bird Feeder –

Bug Hotel –

You can also keep a bucket lying about for watering plants on days of drought.

Not all of us have the time to spend pruning garden plants, so if you don’t have the time to tidy up your garden everything few weeks, that works out okay too! By leaving old plants to break down, it isn’t so aesthetically pleasing, but creates a great habitat for animals and bugs, but be careful not to let dominant weeds take over as they can steal nutrients from soil, which is needed by other plants.


By growing your own vegetables and fruits and then composting them, this creates a great circle of life, giving you less dependency on shops and helping to sustain the environment. To give your plants the possible quality soil you can compost waste foods which are no longer able to be eaten by you or by a dog/ cat etc.

When keeping areas clean, use eco-friendly house cleaners such as Ecover ( who are a cleaning products company that use natural ingredients in their products.

House plants are a great way to keep the place looking cheerful, but also for keeping the air clean. With astronauts up in space on cramped aircraft that have little oxygen supplies, sustaining air quality is important; you can find out what plants NASA researchers have chosen as the best air cleaners here –

Keeping recycling bins in convenient locations will ensure that you can keep on top of recycling without having to trudge downstairs; stick up some signs above the bins so that you stay on track with what to put, where. You can find out what you can recycle here –

By fixing problems in the house they you can keep your house running more sustainably; add insulation behind radiators and to your windows to keep the heat where you want it to be! (Tip: by turning your ceiling fan backwards you can push the heat that has risen down again)

Out and About

Getting involved with clean-up or planting projects around town are hugely beneficial for the individual and for surroundings; this not only means that you have the chance to help keep where you live looking and feeling good an, but it’s also a great opportunity to get out of the house and get your mind focused on something that isn’t work related. You might even be able to put together your own planting project!




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