A big Hello! from the new Green Behaviour Change Frontrunner


Hello I’m Shanics, the latest Green Behaviour Change Frontrunner to join the Estates’ sustainability team here at DMU. I’m taking over from Alex so I’ll try my best to fill her shoes and keep the blog posts as exciting and engaging as she has!

I’ll be supporting the social media channels on some of the projects the team work on to encourage students and staff to be mindful of and make sustainable decisions in their every-day lives.

Becoming a Frontrunner is a great way to gain hands on experience in a variety of roles within DMU. I’m currently studying Corporate Social Sustainability and International Business so you’ve probably gathered that I’m interested in all things sustainable but my passion lies in ethical trading. Being a Frontrunner in the Estates’ sustainability team means that I get to learn more about how DMU tackles its sustainability goals. I’m mostly looking forward to engaging with you all and helping out at the annual Fairtrade Fortnight (which hopefully means lots of Fairtrade chocolate!).

We have lots going on around DMU from NUS Student Switch Off to Fairtrade Fortnight. So watch this space and keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for more information on how you too can get involved!



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