DMU pledges to reduce use of plastics on campus in support of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals


As a nation we throw away 2.5 billion disposable plastic coffee cups a year. Blue Planet II’s recent eye opening documentary showed us the devastating impact plastic and other non-degradable materials has on our wildlife and pleaded for a call to action from everyone across the world.

This call has been heard by us at DMU and plans are being developed to reduce our use of plastics on campus! In support of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, DMU announced its initiative to remove all non-recyclable plastic cups from campus and issue 26,000 free reusable cups to students and staff.

The move is part of DMU’s wider goals to ban non-recyclable plastics from campus by September 2018 and was announced at the UN by Vice Chancellor, Dominic Shellard during last week’s DMU Global trip to New York.

To help meet the inspirational target, DMU has also committed to:

  • Replacing all plastic cutlery with compostable items
  • Replacing all plastic milk cartoons from all outlets with recyclable alternatives
  • Expanding the number of free drinking water fountains on campus – both indoor and outdoor

By using a reusable cup, you’ll not only benefit from a 20p saving when purchasing any hot drink on campus – you’ll be leading the change towards a more sustainable future.


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